About the Artist

Romy is the artist behind Pink Senferotis.

Abstract painter — Abstract as a tool to print pain, fear, temporary conditions, desires. Abstract as a bridge between Romy and the unconscios. She paints without questioning, she paints what she sees.

Contrasts — The ambiguos game of possibilities, that’s how Romy’s mind sees the world. She believes in complexity, and yet simplicity. In chaos and order, corners and waves, concret and illusion, yellow and grey. Everywhere on her painting you’ll be trapped between sides. Don’t limit yourself by choosing one.

Women — Never realistic, always beyond forms. Romy’s women become abstract as soon as they touch the canvas. Why women? They are a symbol. They talk about erotism, calm, wisdom, reception, protection, home. Women use the language of the moon and the water. They are the creation of Being, the courage of espression. The good, the evil, the forbiden, the acceptance. Peace and War. They are Angel. They are Vampire.

Acrylics — Their fluidity, ferociousy and speed, rappresent a metaphore: of brevity of life, of time waiting for nobody, of impulses yelling the madness, the angst or the inner peace.

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